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Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Single sitting root canal treatment of teeth is a new advancement in dentistry, which has made dental root treatment painless, less time consuming& cost friendly. In India, the single visit root canals have become very common with the patients and dentists. In many special cases, the dentist performs the entire root canal treatment of teeth in a single sitting and that too with an antibiotic coverage for about 2-3 days depending on the type of decay and dental problems of the patient.

Metal Free Dental Crown Treatment

The Porcelain fused to metal crowns has a metal base coated with ceramic.

Where as in Metal free tooth crowns, the metallic and black lines seen on the border of the crown disappear.

They are not only highly aesthetic and translucent but also offer high strength restoration and outstanding marginal fit.

You are provided with a warranty card that has the company’s authentication.

Invisible Braces

We are also preferred partners to do treatment of transparent/invisible orthodontics braces. This is one of the advanced and new methods of straightening the teeth without using wire and bracket.

The advantages of this new technique of straightening the teeth without using wire and bracket is that they are transparent/invisible & removable; i.e. you can remove to eat drink, brush, floss or some special occasions. They are more comfortable and effective than conventional braces.

Immediate Implants

At Dental Square, Dental Implants are a kind of “roots” made of material called Titanium. These implants are just like actual teeth root, which are placed within the bone. These are superior and low-cost as compared to dentures because of their superior fitting and exceptional chewing and grinding properties. Working as an anchor for tooth movement, these low-cost implants are definitely a preferable option.

Instant Teeth Whitening

At Dental Square, the dentists take about 60 minutes to perform the teeth whitening treatment. This dental treatment involves bleaching of teeth using peroxide based solution. This peroxide solution gets amalgamated with the microscopic stains and gives the teeth their white shine. While such a procedure is being carried out, it is ensured that the lips and gums are covered with a layer to protect them from any undue damage. Due to the complexity of the procedure, it is made sure that the teeth whitening treatment is performed by professional dentists only.


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