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Teeth Removal


We all know and talk about Wisdom teeth but what we do not know is the fact that there are four wisdom teeth in every person. Appearing in- between the ages of 16 and 25, they are generally removed when they are either not properly erupted or cause pain in the sideways of jaw. Typically there are four kinds of wisdom Impactions or dislocations – Miseoangular, Vertical, Ditoangular and Horizontal. Regardless of the type of impaction, teeth are removed simply to avoid pain and chewing/biting problems.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

There are 2 simple reasons of extracting Wisdom Teeth – either the teeth is highly delocalised or it
is causing un-necessary pain while having food or speaking. Simple extraction surgery is done which can last for an hour.

Facts about Wisdom Teeth

  • Local Anesthesia: General Anesthesia is administered
  • Length of Treatment: 1 hour approx. for a single implant
  • Stay at Hospital: In rarest of rare cases stay at hospital might be required.
  • Pain: None during the process
  • Cost: Cost Friendly

Wisdom teeth are a kind of vestigial (body parts which do not have any function left) organs which help human ancestors to eat plant tissues. In our present bodies, they do not have any function. That is why it is good to perform the extraction surgery as soon as possible. The American Public Health Association and National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence advice that Wisdom Teeth should be extracted if they are cause problem.

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